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Team Dues

  • $100 for rookies $150 for veterans per season
  • Due by the first match of the season
  • Talk to our Team Treasurer about a payment plan (contact information and pictures on the Officers and Coaches page)
  • Looking for ways to save? Check out the Make a Payment page for more information
  • Methods of payment
    • Website: Payments page
    • Venmo: @RappRugbyWomen
    • Paypal:
    • Cash: Our Team Treasurer
  • USA Rugby Registration (i.e. the new “CIPP”) (Sept 1 – Aug 31) register in August.
  • Go to the link above.
    • Search by type: Senior Club
    • Region: Cap Rugby Union
    • Club Name: Rappahannock Women’s Rugby Club
    • “Register”
    • Choose your role. (95% of you will be “SENIOR PLAYER.”)
    • If you possess an additional certificate (coach, ref, etc.), choose multi-role.
    • Next.
    • Log-in or sign up.
    • Pay.
    • Make sure you select “SENIOR PLAYER”, not “SENIOR PLAYER – TRAINING“. This should cost about $70.
    • Complete by 3rd practice or 1st game, whichever comes first

Get Some Team Swag

  • Once dues are paid you get this year’s t-shirt (one per year)
  • Previous years shirts can be purchased from our website or in person via Paypal, or Venmo (limited on-hand inventory). Check out Store for what is available.
  • World Rugby Shop Team Store (working on getting more items up here)
  • Triton Custom Jerseys (scroll down to Rappahannock’s team store)
  • Black rugby shorts can be purchased at World Rugby Shop, Amazon,, or

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