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Why Sponsor a Local Sports Club?

There are many reasons to invest in sponsoring a local sports club. Some think of it as a valuable form of advertising, while others consider it a charitable contribution. Whatever your perspective, it’s a relationship that pays off for both the sponsor and the team. Corporate sponsorship of a local sports club goes a long way to offset the rising costs of sports. The many benefits to the sponsor, however, are sometimes overlooked. Sponsoring a local sports club is a proven and effective way to improve awareness of your business or brand while supporting the local community. While many traditional forms of marketing are becoming less effective, local sports sponsorships are a welcomed form of advertising. Club members, parents, families, friends, and fans all enjoy seeing the companies supporting local sports. The positive energy from this association improves your corporate image and promotes loyalty to your brand. The symbiotic relationship can also help you expand your clientele through networking, member access, and the improved awareness and brand perception.

Why Sponsor Rugby?

There is a saying that “rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen”. While that old adage needs to be updated to include “gentle-ladies”, it still holds true. Despite fierce competition, sometimes brutal contact, and an intense desire to win, what’s more important in rugby is the spirit in which we play the game. What matters more is how we treat our teammates, our competitors, and the referee. Being part of rugby means you are part of a worldwide community. And that community doesn’t care if you are tall or short, big or small, loud or quiet, dark or light, old or young. Rugby is the part that matters, and that inherent acceptance means anyone can play and everyone can be a friend. Whether you’re a brand new player at practice for the first time, or a stranger who has played in the distant past, everyone is accepted with open arms and the lifelong bond of rugby friendship is instantly formed.

Rugby is the fastest growing sport in the USA, and Rugby 7s has also recently become an Olympic sport, which is only going to spur the growth further. It is a sport unlike any other, and rugby people are a different breed of human. They have a passion and enthusiasm, not just for the sport, but for embodying the core values of rugby: integrity, respect, solidarity, passion, and discipline. Rugby is about competing and winning and overcoming challenges, but it is also very much about building the character necessary to become a rugby person. The vision of World Rugby is “A Sport For All, True To Its Values”, and rugby players, coaches, families, and even the fans embrace and demonstrate those values daily.

Why Sponsor RRFC?

At Rappahannock Rugby, we believe that the team and the community are more important than the individual. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are constantly trying to improve ourselves. We are teachers, scientists, chefs, engineers, business people, and stay at home moms and dads. We are regular people who want to play rugby and pass on the ethos and the heart and the soul of rugby to others.

Rappahannock Rugby has been playing and promoting amateur rugby in the Fredericksburg area since 2004. And since then, we have been doing our best to give back to the community that supports us. We have done a number of things from teaching rugby for after school programs at elementary schools to volunteering our time and energy performing manual labor to clean up the river and the roads. Everywhere we go, we try to leave the world, and the people we encounter, in a better place than when we got there.

The Rappahannock Rugby Football Club is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. And as a non-profit, we rely on sponsorships and community support to help keep our organization going. We have developed a wide variety of opportunities with different types of organizations in mind. Below are some suggested sponsorship packages that we would be happy to partner with you on. However, we have found that sometimes it is best to discuss customizing a package to suit particular needs.

Suggested Sponsorship Packages

All sponsors will be featured on our website for the duration of their sponsorship, and the partnership will also be announced via social media channels. The top sponsors under contract are featured more prominently. Sponsorships can be paid in full or in two even amounts collected at the beginning of our fall and spring season.

For more information on sponsoring the women’s rugby team, check out our page by clicking “Women’s Rugby” at the banner on the top or please email womensted@rappahannockrugby.com.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions please let us know! We value your input as a potential sponsor and appreciate your interest in partnering with Rappahannock Rugby!

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